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Gender Affirming Voice Care/Transgender Voice Care

Does your voice give you discomfort when you hear it?

Do you get misgendered in public or over the phone?

Do you feel your voice and inner identity do not match?

Does your voice feel too masculine or too feminine?


Gender affirming voice training may help you explore different features of your voice and modify them to align your voice and gender. Gender affirming voice training is not just about pitch. We target the entire communication process to include resonance, pitch, articulation, prosody (vocal melody), language, and non-verbal communication. Your Speech Language Pathologist will guide you through a variety of techniques to help you decide what features provide the most satisfaction in your voice. There is never one right way to modify your voice.


  • vocal feminization training 

  • vocal masculinization training 

  • non-conforming voice training

Our goal when providing vocal feminization or vocal masculinization techniques can help you find the features that create your authentic voice. Each program will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. We will also discuss vocal warm-up exercises, efficient patterns of breathing to power the voice and address any patterns that create vocal fatigue. We may also discuss behavioral lifestyle modifications to keep your voice healthy.


Is gender affirming voice training only for transgender or gender non-conforming individuals? The answer is no. While this type of treatment may be more common with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, cis gender individuals can also be misgendered due to characteristics in their voice. We can provide services to anyone who would like to modify the sound of their voice.


While the majority of sessions are offered on an individual basis, we also intermittently offer telehealth small group training sessions as an economical alternative. We strive to make group sessions safe and supportive.


You choose the level of interaction you have in the group.  We will provide you with an introduction to a wide range of voice modification techniques.

You choose which of the techniques create your authentic voice. Lessons come with a handout e-booklet and recommended home practice each week.


Inquire about dates for our next group training session today!

Lake City Speech & Voice Therapy is committed to providing care with cultural responsiveness and humility.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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