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Voice Therapy

Voice evaluation and therapy will provide a comprehensive plan to address a variety of voice problems. 

Typical voice problems may including: 

  • Vocal fold nodules, polyps or cysts or other benign vocal fold lesions

  • Vocal fold paralysis or paresis (weakness) 

  • Chronic hoarseness 

  • Age-related voice changes (also called vocal fold atrophy or presbylaryngis)

  • Muscle tension dysphonia  

  • Reinke’s edema 

  • Vocal tremor

  • Paradoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM)/Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD)

  • Chronic cough 

  • Basic singing rehabilitation 

We can also provide vocal instruction for those who are concerned with vocal stamina, have  high vocal speaking demands, feel vocal fatigue or strain after a long day of speaking. Each  program will be tailored to meet individual, client-specific needs. Vocal health and wellness will also be a focus of therapy to help each client learn about vocal health and maintaining a healthy voice.  

***Please note, if you have voice changes lasting longer than 2 weeks, it is recommended that  you seek medical attention via otolaryngologist or other medical professional. Evaluation by an otolaryngologist or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) MD may be required prior to starting therapy. 

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