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"I had developed the beginnings of nodules after an illness. Carrie worked with me for several weeks to help retrain my breathing and voice so that my vocal chords could start to heal. When I told her I had an upcoming job interview that was very important to me, she altered our sessions to include interview scenarios so that I could practice my new techniques in a realistic setting (and yes, I did get the job!)"

-Christine M/December 2022

"Over the past 5 weeks, I have received outstanding Telehealth therapy from Ms. McBreen and achieved a full recovery. Ms. McBreen is high skilled and very pleasant, and she offers clear and customized guidance that made my recovery easier. Telehealth was easy, effective and a real time-saver."

-Steve B/January 2023

"I came to Carrie after a traumatic experience impacted my voice, and I had to undergo surgery. Carrie was quick to diagnose the situation and devise a plan of action. I started seeing changes in my voice after the first session, and it only improved from there. She was helpful during and after each session and I felt her expertise was exactly what I needed to get better."

-Ivan E/January 2023

"Carrie McBreen is wonderful. She is deeply knowledgeable, thorough, and wonderfully patient and helpful. The exercises were excellent and highly effective. I went from having no voice to being able to talk normally again in two weeks."

-Anonymous/February 2023

"I am extremely happy with the service provided by Carrie McBreen. Instead of being told to speak one specific way I was taught 8-10 different techniques and then chose which of those to emphasize to find my own true and genuine voice. My voice used to trigger gender dysphoria and now it only makes me feel happy and confident in myself."

-Anonymous/February 2023

"As I grow older, my voice has become increasingly raspy. There have been times when I could barely speak above a whisper. Thanks to Carrie McBreen, I have resumed normal conversations with a number of PT techniques that she so patiently and effectively provided. I highly recommend her professional services."

-Gary S/March 2023

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