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"My voice has changed over the last few months using Carrie!"

Amanda A | April 2024


"I was diagnosed with vocal nodules that were having a very negative impact on my life personally and professionally. Carrie worked to get appointments scheduled for me quickly, even over a holiday. After only two sessions with her my voice was significantly better. She really listened to my specific needs and challenges, and guided me to solutions that were impactful and manageable. I am so grateful that my physician recommended her."

Liz L  |  February 2024

"My voice was very hoarse and raspy due to a polyp on my vocal cord. My ENT was fairly certain I would need surgery in order to get my voice back to normal. Carrie saved me from needing surgery - in just 2 months of working with her my voice was back to normal!"

Becky K  |  July 2023

"I lost my voice for over 7 weeks due to a polyp developing on my vocal cords after possibly bursting a little blood vessel in my throat. The ENT doctor prescribed voice therapy by Ms. Carrie McBreen. I began the therapy with little enthusiasm for it truly helping me. However, I went through the sessions and listened and performed the exercises Ms. McBreen gave me to do. After by the second session, I began to see how her instructions regarding using air to push my words through instead of my "throat" were taking the pressure off of my vocal cords, and I found myself speaking this way automatically after the third session without thought. After the 3rd-4th session, my voice was back at least 90%. Ms. McBreen is very professional and thorough, and while a bit of a task master for the exercises to make sure I got them correct, I welcomed her sticking to the exercises and the script to make sure that I got the best result from them. I would recommend her to anyone with voice strain or problems.

Gloria S  |  June 2023

"As I grow older, my voice has become increasingly raspy. There have been times when I could barely speak above a whisper. Thanks to Carrie McBreen, I have resumed normal conversations with a number of PT techniques that she so patiently and effectively provided. I highly recommend her professional services."

Gary S  |  March 2023

"Carrie McBreen is wonderful. She is deeply knowledgeable, thorough, and wonderfully patient and helpful. The exercises were excellent and highly effective. I went from having no voice to being able to talk normally again in two weeks."

Anonymous  |  February 2023

"I am extremely happy with the service provided by Carrie McBreen. Instead of being told to speak one specific way I was taught 8-10 different techniques and then chose which of those to emphasize to find my own true and genuine voice. My voice used to trigger gender dysphoria and now it only makes me feel happy and confident in myself."

Anonymous  |  February 2023

"Over the past 5 weeks, I have received outstanding Telehealth therapy from Ms. McBreen and achieved a full recovery. Ms. McBreen is high skilled and very pleasant, and she offers clear and customized guidance that made my recovery easier. Telehealth was easy, effective and a real time-saver."

Steve B  |  January 2023

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