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Empowering Communication,

One Voice At A Time.

We are a specialized telehealth speech pathology practice with expertise in voice and upper airway disorders, Parkinson communication programming and gender affirming voice care for adults & teens.

Speech and voice difficulties can have a significant impact on your daily communication and social interactions. We strive to teach you how to improve your communication skills quickly so you can take control of your voice and regain your confidence.

Located in Chicago, Illinois.

Serving residents of Illinois and Florida. 


Parkinson Communication Programs

Gender Affirming Voice Care

Voice Therapy

Speech Therapy

Swallowing Therapy

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"I came to Carrie after a traumatic experience impacted my voice, and I had to undergo surgery. Carrie was quick to diagnose the situation and devise a plan of action. I started seeing changes in my voice after the first session, and it only improved from there. She was helpful during and after each session and I felt her expertise was exactly what I needed to get better."

Ivan E. |  Jan 2023


"Carrie did a wonderful job making me feel safe enough to be able to work on my voice. She helped me make breakthroughs in getting my voice to reflect the real me and sound far more feminine."

Grace H  |  April 2023


"I had developed the beginnings of nodules after an illness. Carrie worked with me for several weeks to help retrain my breathing and voice so that my vocal chords could start to heal. When I told her I had an upcoming job interview that was very important to me, she altered our sessions to include interview scenarios so that I could practice my new techniques in a realistic setting (and yes, I did get the job!)"

Christine M  |  Dec 2022




Lake City Speech & Voice Therapy is here to provide you with excellence in care for all of your communication needs.  It is our commitment to provide you with quality, evidence-based services. We offer a welcoming, safe-space, community of inclusion to all because everyone deserves quality services.

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